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Attempting to gain time,"Well, yes," she answered," I'll tell you every thing, mother, butnot now, to-morrow, later."She was about to yield, however, when her father's arrival cutshort their conversation.

The cashier of the Mutual Credit was quite lively that night. Hewas humming a tune, a thing which did not happen to him four timesa year, and which was indicative of the most extreme satisfaction.

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But he stopped short at the sight of the disturbed countenance of hiswife and daughter.

"What is the matter?" he inquired.

"Nothing," hastily answered Mlle. Gilberte, - "nothing at all,father.""Then you are crying for your amusement," he said. "Come, be candidfor once, and confess that Maxence has been at his tricks again!

"You are mistaken, father: I swear it!

He asked no further questions, being in his nature not very curious,whether because family matters were of so little consequence to him,or because he had a vague idea that his general behavior deprivedhim of all right to their confidence.

"Very well, then," he said in a gruff tone, "let us all go to bed.

I have worked so hard to-day, that I am quite exhausted. Peoplewho pretend that business is dull make me laugh. Never has M. deThaller been in the way of making so much money as now."When he spoke, they obeyed. So that Mlle. Gilberte was thus goingto have the whole night before her to resume possession of herself,to pass over in her mind the events of the evening, and deliberatecoolly upon the decision she must come to; for, she could not doubtit, Mme. Favoral would, the very next day, renew her questions.

What should she say? All? Mlle. Gilberte felt disposed to do soby all the aspirations of her heart, by the certainty of indulgentcomplicity, by the thought of finding in a sympathetic soul the echoof her joys, of her troubles, and of her hopes.

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Yes. But Mme. Favoral was still the same woman, whose firmestresolutions vanished under the gaze of her husband. Let a pretendercome; let a struggle begin, as in the case of M. Costeclar, - wouldshe have strength enough to remain silent? No!

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Then it would be a fearful scene with M. Favoral. He might,perhaps, even go to M. de Tregars. What scandal! For he was a manwho spared no one; and then a new obstacle would rise between them,more insurmountable still than the others.

Mlle. Gilberte was thinking, too, of Marius's projects; of thatterrible game he was about to play, the issue of which was to decidetheir fate. He had said enough to make her understand all itsperils, and that a single indiscretion might suffice to set atnought the result of many months' labor and patience. Besides, tospeak, was it not to abuse Marius's confidence. How could sheexpect another to keep a secret she had been unable to keep herself?

At last, after protracted and painful hesitation, she decided thatshe was bound to silence, and that she would only vouchsafe thevaguest explanations.

It was in vain, then, that, on the next and the following days,Mme. Favoral tried to obtain that confession which she had seen,as it were, rise to her daughter's lips. To her passionateadjurations, to her tears, to her ruses even, Mlle. Gilberteinvariably opposed equivocal answers, a story through which nothingcould be guessed, save one of those childish romances which stopat the preface, - a schoolgirl love for a chimerical hero.

There was nothing in this very reassuring to a mother; but Mme.